~ Julia Steinberger MD, 54

I have been a client of the studio in balance for almost 6 years. When I started, I had chronic back pain and I had limited the range of motion in my spine fearing flare-up of the pain. I was also interested in developing greater muscle mass & resistance training. Rose and her team have worked with me in a very patient and attentive fashion. The results were extremely rewarding. She trained me in strengthening my core, thus avoiding excessive use of back muscles, and I currently have much improved flexibility of my spine. I very rarely have back pain, and when I do, I can improve it by using some of the techniques I learned from Rose. I am also very pleased with the resistance training and I feel that I am in better shape than I ever was. The training Rose and her team provide is personal and tailored to my specific problems and needs.


~ Sue, 65

I’ve been doing Pilates for 12 years. Working with Rose is what keeps me grounded, flexible and feeling like my body is my friend not something to fight as I grow older. Pilates isn’t just an exercise or a discipline, if you do it regularly, it becomes your core.

I love you . . . I love you!!! I just came off the 36-mile Milford Track. I hiked 9 hours one day, up to mountain summit (rocky climb up and down). The other 2 days were in rain – mud, more rocks and climbing. Abs, balance and core strength got me through when my legs were ready to quit. The rest of “Team America” is suffering today and I feel great. Thanked God for you over and over!


~ Jill Koosmann, CEO & President of a Wealth Management Company

In the summer of 2004, Rose started training me in Pilates three days a week. When I started learning Pilates, I found that the breathing was very difficult for me, as I have Lupus and have some lung issues. I also found that I was trying to “muscle through” the moves while doing Pilates rather than using my core strength to initiate each move. Rose had the patience and encouragement of a saint as I struggled through learning how Pilates was supposed to be performed. “Over the nine years I have been doing Pilates, I have learned how to: use my core, how to breathe and use my entire lung capacity, increase my strength, muscle tone and flexibility, and I have a wonderful time doing it! My lower back and lung issues are gone and I feel like a new woman. I enjoy Pilates so much and feel the life-long improvements it has made to my body that I encouraged my husband to start doing Pilates with Rose. He started doing Pilates over 6 years ago and loves it too. Thank you Rose, for making exercising so fun and rewarding. I can’t imagine ever wanting to stop this training with you and Tony.


~ Chuck, 64

I am 64 and have been working with Rose, at Studio In Balance, for over six years. My original goal in getting involved with Pilates was to establish general muscle tone and to increase my flexibility. I was finding that, as I aged, both were becoming harder and harder to maintain on my own. What is amazing to me is that after working with Rose, two times a week for only two years, I had actually grown a half an inch. So when do men over sixty grow? I stand straighter, have more strength, am able to bend over and put my palms on the floor and, in general, am stronger and more flexible than I was at fifty. I am pretty happy about that!


~ Eugene, 53

When I came to Studio In Balance I already had 6 unsuccessful attempts at qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Over a period of four years and six marathons I change my diet, mileage, training intensity, coaching and team participation but still had problems crashing and burning in the last miles of the marathon.

Flexibility was one of the areas I knew that I was neglecting so I bit the bullet and contacted Rose. Full disclosure, Rose is my aunt and I have known about her studio since it’s opening in 2001. But I thought Pilates was “fufu” exercise and continually dismissed it. I sucked it up and called Rose and asked her to help improve my flexibility.

Starting in December 2013 I starting meeting with Rose on Saturdays after my long runs for what I call enforced stretching. I quickly learned that Pilates is not “fufu” exercise. Looking back, Rose was a little drill sergeant, “stand up straight’, “Suck in your gut”, “sit up straight”. Some of the exercises seemed to be easy and I did not see how there could be any benefit if you only did one set. I wanted to work harder. And what was all this business about straightening up and focus on posture.

Rose got me to think of a whole systems approach to health and fitness. It did not make any sense to put in a lot of mile and then slouch around, eat junk, drink lots of caffeinated beverages, stay up late…get up and do the same thing all over again. Our sessions became a review of my weekly progress in training, doing exercises at home, lots of discussions about the latest findings in sports, medicine and wellness research. Rose has several certifications in Fitness Training and Pilates and is well informed on many health and fitness topics. She is a great resource if you are looking to up your game.

On Sunday October 5, 2014 I at age 53 I completed my 9th marathon in a time of 3:27:12 well under the 3:30:00 I need to qualify for the Boston Marathon. 3:27:12 is 5 seconds faster than my first marathon time of 3:27:17 set back in 1982 a mere 32 years ago.


-Sharon Miyamoto’s Testimonial (Age: 58) (What?!?)

I was encouraged to try Pilates by a friend after “struggling with” a bad knee for many years. After five plus years of training with Tony I have a new level of activity that I thought was not possible! When I’m not at Pilates I am either walking, hiking, on the treadmill or elliptical machines. The muscles surrounding my knee are much stronger now and allow me to participate in the things that I love doing. Studio In Balance has been great for me—down to the core! Thanks Tony and Rose!

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