~ Karen Little

I have been coming to STUDIO IN BALANCE since 2008. I like the Studio because it is small and i get individualized attention, which is important because I”ve had whiplash, rotator cuff sprains and arthritis, which have compromised my ability to put my body in certain positions. I have worked primarily with Tony and he is a stickler for proper form, which helps to ensure maximum benefit, with the least risk of injury.

Tony is extremely knowledgeable, with a broad and extensive background. He gives precise cues and explains the whys and wherefores of each movement. Sessions are jam-packed but go by quickly because Tony is personable and a good conversationalist!

Pilates is a serious workout, even if the movements are not big and showey. Don’t be fooled by the seeming simplicity_Pilates exercised really are a challenge to do properly.

I would highly recommend STUDIO IN BALANCE to anyone who wants a serious workout with personal attention.


~ Becky

Rose has been working with me for several months and I have found her to be very knowledgeable and a patient teacher. I have been learning how to breathe and move in ways that reduce and/or completely prevent some of the aches and pains that come with aging and bad habits. She has a way of guiding me through exercises that work for me and I’m finding that it’s easy to incorporate much of what I’m learning from her when I’m not in the studio.

~ Wallis ScottRussell

I am 78 and have been coming to STUDIO IN BALANCE since it opened. My goal was to strengthen my body, improve balance and energy during aging. Today, i cannot imagine being without these workouts and the mentoring from Rose and Tony, or what my quality of life would be without Pilates.

I have had an osteoarthritic shoulder rehabbed, with almost no pain, because of Pilates. Rose has taught me how to focus, how to work with my body while aging, to improve balance and strength. I am active with my grand children and feel renewed energy after each session. Always a new challenge!

I recommend STUDIO IN BALANCE to anyone, regardless of age, who wants to feel better, mentally and physically and improve quality of life.