About Us

About Us

Studio In Balance is a family owned and operated fully equipped Pilates and Personal Training establishment. Situated on Selby Ave in Merriam Park, St. Paul, it is a cozy, private studio with natural light and void of the commotion of the big club atmosphere.
Studio in balance was established in 2001.

EMAIL: studioinbalance@gmail.com
ADDRESS: 1679 Selby Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104
WEB: http://studioinbalancestp.com
PHONE: 651-645-5542

Rose Krawetz Principal
Stott™ Certified Pilates Trainer                              
Certified Personal Trainer                 

Rose is the proud founder and principal of Studio in balance. Growing up in Trinidad, movement was a part of daily life. Rose started her career in fitness as a Certified Strength Trainer and soon realized that post-rehab training was imperative. Medical Exercise Specialist was next. In 1998, Rose was introduced to Stott Pilates®, became certified to teach Matwork, and eventually full certification. Approaching 25 years in the Fitness industry, she is constantly learning new ways to challenge herself and clients. “My greatest accomplishment has been raising two wonderful sons, one of whom has made a dramatic entry into the world of health and fitness. We continue to pursue holistic lifestyles which emphasize the mind body connection to health and wellness.”

Tony Krawetz
Pilates Instructor
Personal Trainer

Tony was first introduced to Pilates as a high school athlete through stretching techniques taught to him by his mother to improve flexibility for football and basketball. While he initially considered this a supplement to general fitness, he later found it to be an invaluable technique to subside back pain from hours of sitting in the car and at the computer at work. He began taking regular Pilates sessions and saw incredible improvement in his back. Once he saw how Pilates helped change his body, he became fascinated with the art of body movement and started a deeper study of Pilates and Yoga. So impressed with the improvements in his back and overall fitness, Tony found he wanted to share this knowledge with others. Also an avid weight lifter, Tony has found that a fine balance of these techniques has helped him reach fitness goals he never thought possible. He has found true joy in sharing his knowledge of body movement with his clients and loves to help them reach their goals just as his first Pilates instructor, Rose Krawetz, did for him.